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Wendy Peterson

cropWendy was born in Santa Cruz Ca. in Sister’s Hospital, an historic land mark, now the well known home of Restaurants Italiano.

Being raised in the Santa Cruz mountains in the 60’s the love of the outdoors was a must. No more than 5 channels on TV, no cell phones, social media, etc. Playing in the creek with friends, such as crawdads, salamanders and her sisters was all there was and all that was needed. Much of the time her parents working two jobs left the 4 girls to become very resourceful, hard workers and the creative wonderment of imagination.

Wendy started working full time right after high school in the title and escrow industry.

On June 22, 1993 Wendy and her husband David gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Abbie Mae. All could not be more perfect until Abbie turned 6 and was diagnosed with stage three cancer in her Kidney (Whelms Tumor). Next life stage was radiation, chemotherapy, endless trips to Lucille Packard Children’s hospital and the personal grief and agony that goes with it. Abbie pulled through the ordeal and just celebrated her 21st birthday.

David and Wendy just celebrated their 31 wedding anniversary. The love of cooking, taking “chill” time with friends and family and cooking up a storm. Being outside on her 18 acres in the mountains of Boulder Creek with her family of pets lovingly referred to as the “fur”keeps her sanity well in tact.

It was in a real estate transaction that Wendy met water color artist Deborah Donner, who happened to have some of her art work in her car when they met. Wendy took a kinship to the art on first site and asked Debbie for some copies. It was then that the flowers came to life for her and she started writing verses that she read into each flower picture. Maybe it was all the time spent outside as a child and living with imagination that inspired the writing and allowed her to see that Deborah also had a child like imagination that would never grow old.

Our mission is to share the joy that Blooming Buddies has provided us. Whether you are reading the book, enjoying the artwork, sharing stickers with a friend, Blooming Buddies is a hug for the heart and we would like to share that hug with you.