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Deborah Donner

cropI live on a mountain top in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the end of a dirt road. It is off grid and full of nature and magic. One day I made a sketch while on the phone. My daughter was impressed and so was my mom. They encouraged me. A friend told me to paint them. I told her I did not know how. She brought up paints and brushes and after one day, I was up and painting! As a child, I was artistic and a very deep thinker. My dad laid the seeds of living the life I want and that I have. Structure has little appeal to me. I started my land business 30 years ago and carved out a path that brings me great joy and gratitude.

The partnership between Wendy and I was serendipitous. It just happened. I had known her professionally for 25 years. Who knew all that whimsy was there? She began channeling the drawings … knowing them… hearing them. I love my art. I love my dogs. I love my life, my family and I plan to continue to bloom.


From the sky in my mind &
The garden in my heart,
My whimsy is now becoming my art.
Right from the start, there has been
great joy.
For all of those colors have become my
With glee and chi, I unfold every night &
My eyes are tickled
By the wonderful sights.
My heart
laughs out loud.
-Deborah Donner